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Three Messiahs

What does Frank Herbert’s Sci-fi epic have to teach us about Jesus? What does it have to teach us about a two thousand year old social call?

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Discipleship and the Camino de Santiago

Eleven years ago, in the Good Old Days, I walked the Camino de Santiago for 800 km across Spain. I was strongly reminded of it by this week’s Gospel story when Jesus sets out on his journey to preach and heal across Galilee

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The Great Beauty and the Adventure of Orthodoxy

I was recently blown away by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty.  From the  huge, decadent party in the opening scenes during which  Jep Gambarella, writer and aging roué, is revealed grinning mischieviously at the camera, king of the high life, through the crisis caused by the discovery that the only woman he ever […]