Joseph and the Kingdom

Joseph went to bed that night with a lot on his mind. If it wasn’t enough that the Romans were propping up that blasphemous charlatan Herod, his own fiancee, Mary, was pregnant – and not to him. What on earth was God up to?

My sermon on Matthew 1:18-25 from Preston High Street UCA

A sermon about disappointment, puzzlement, and doing small things with great love for the kingdom. You can read the rest of it here.

Since I started work as the Minister of Preston High Street Uniting Church and Chalice Northcote I’ve been preaching every week. I’ve decided that my sermons are going to live on the Preston High Street site, to give some sense of what we’re on about there. I’ll post excerpts here though for your convenience 🙂

By Alister Pate

I am trying to live authentically as a Christian in post-modern, post-Christendom, post-Christian Melbourne. I am an ordination candidate for the Uniting Church in Australia, and I lead Cafechurch Melbourne ( where we are learning how to deconstruct and reconstruct in a framework of generous orthodoxy together.

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