On Helping Souls

I’ve been struck this week by reading Chris Lowney’s book Heroic Leadership, which is all about the style of leadership pioneered by Ignatius of Loyola, and, at least to some extent, mirrored by the Jesuits in the following 450 years.

One of the points he frequently makes is that Ignatius saw his business, and that of the Society of Jesus, as being to “help souls.” That resonates with me, so I decided to do two things.

One of them was to change the tag line of this blog.

The other was the realization that, as it is a beautiful summer’s weekend here in Australia, I would be most able to help my own soul by going for a walk in the Dandenongs with Anne, and visiting some friends and meeting (or at least seeing) their new baby, rather than labouring on my first idea for a post which was about the film The Great Beauty.

So here are some pictures from our walk in the Dandenongs.


By Alister Pate

I'm a minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, with two congregations: one in Northcote / Chalice, which now includes Cafechurch Melbourne, and one up the road in Reservoir, confusingly known as Preston High Street. I am

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