Spirituality in the Ordinary

Life vs El Camino de Santiago

One of the many, many things I learned on the Camino is this: Sometimes you are wafting gently through a field of flowers, the wind at your back, and the prospect of a good lunch and good fellowship ahead of you. Sometimes you are trekking along a dirt track beside an airport perimeter fence in the blazing sun, ten kilometres of hard walking though city streets ahead of you. Either way it’s the same thing in the morning. Wake up, strap up your feet, pick up your poles, walk.  Try to take care of your feet.

That’s really all I have today. I have to work the first half of the week, so I will try to make some time in the second half to write something slightly more in depth.

By Alister Pate

I'm a minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, with two congregations: one in Northcote / Chalice, which now includes Cafechurch Melbourne, and one up the road in Reservoir, confusingly known as Preston High Street. I am

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