Monthly Archives: January 2016

What I’m Up To

I’m generally pretty topic-focused in this blog, a bit shy to share details about what I’m up to and so on. I’m not sure why – I always like to read that sort of thing in blogs I follow – it helps me to feel a bit more connected. Plus I haven’t quite gotten it […]

The Great Beauty and the Adventure of Orthodoxy

I was recently blown away by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty.  From the  huge, decadent party in the opening scenes during which  Jep Gambarella, writer and aging roué, is revealed grinning mischieviously at the camera, king of the high life, through the crisis caused by the discovery that the only woman he ever […]

On Helping Souls

I’ve been struck this week by reading Chris Lowney’s book Heroic Leadership, which is all about the style of leadership pioneered by Ignatius of Loyola, and, at least to some extent, mirrored by the Jesuits in the following 450 years. One of the points he frequently makes is that Ignatius saw his business, and that of […]

New Year’s Resolution!

Generally I’m not  huge fan of New Years resolutions. Things which seem like a great idea in a late-night-champagne induced fit of enthusiasm often vanish in the cold light of day, and it just seems like setting myself up to fail. However. Having said that, I have made a resolution to start this blog again. […]